Currently reading #CSLewis #Narnia, and

Currently reading #CSLewis #Narnia, and don’t want to finish book1, because it is so good! King Aslan… kind and just. #pondering #beauty



So…. spring is “sprung”-ing. Early yesterday morning, I arrived home after driving my dad into work, and stepped out of the car to hear a bunch of bird songs that are unfamiliar to me, probably because I have been out of NE for so many years. I looked up and strained to see the mini-flock high up in a tree bordering one neighbor’s house, while taking in the new air and new morning. It’s heavenly to feel a new season upon us, after such a long winter’s hibernation. The anticipation of a spring beginning has never made me so excited.


If you read a powerful little scripture devotional called “DAILY LIGHT,” April 1st the focus of the list of scriptures was about the JOY of the Lord. I needed that this morning. As each month passes, and the first of the new month arrives, I feel like a certain burden I’ve been carrying lifts a little more and I can breath a little more easily each time. Today is no exception. I am thankful to God for that… and thankful for all the dear friends of mine who are praying. May God bless each of you who IS actively praying for me. You know who you are.

GRACE (as friend of mine writes it, in all capital letters, because it needs to be acknowledged for the powerful word/idea that it is) is very real and very much from God. Jesus won grace for us. Jesus suffered for us…. Jesus won the victory for us. Jesus is a better Jesus. Studying Passover has more meaning this year…. Preparing for Easter makes me anticipate change more. I am thankful for new beginnings a little more this year. Grace truly is amazing.

Romans 16:25-27

Romans 16:25-27

God is able to make you strong….

A blog?

I have felt very challenged recently, internally and externally, to begin writing. 

This is step one…. just start. 

It terrifies me and excites me at the same time.

These last five months have been the aftermath of an abrupt ending to multiple seasons of my life. Grief is a bear, but daily, I feel better and, little by little, I am seeing the Lord help me pick up again to begin what many call “Chapter 2.” I have no idea what Chapter 2 will be.